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Annual Report 2021/22

Commissioning Services

Aboriginal Health


Number of total services for Aboriginal people


Number of people supported through services

Integrated Team Care

Integrated Team Care (ITC) is funded under the Australian Government’s Indigenous Australians’ Health Program. The program aims to improve access to primary health care services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the central and eastern Sydney region. It is a dedicated service designed to provides one-on-one support to help clients self-manage their chronic disease conditions and access the support they need.  

ITC is a key element of the Closing the Gap strategy which supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by providing:

  • Access to clinical care coordinators
  • Funding support for supplementary services for chronic disease needs
  • Transport to medical appointments (where appropriate)
  • Medical aids and appliances

The providers of this service have been Sydney Local Health District and South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Aboriginal chronic care teams. This program reports high levels of satisfaction with more than 90% of program participants expressing a positive experience and over 80% of participants expressing feeling better about managing their chronic health condition or having an improved outcome.

We have also been able to offer the Deadly Choices Program in the Sutherland shire area of the region in partnership with the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and the Cronulla Sharks NRL. In addition to promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to avoid chronic disease this program has focused on educating and encouraging young people to take positive steps towards preventative health strategies and undertaking an annual 715 health assessment.

To date this program has facilitated over 270 health assessments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members. Cronulla Sharks NRL were also quick to respond to a call for action to support promotional videos and resources to provide the facts and encourage COVID vaccinations in light of reported community hesitancy.

Aboriginal Health Group of young girls