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Annual Report 2021/22

Improving Practice

We support the primary health workforce and local services through professional development and training, access to information and resources, and networking and leadership opportunities.

Digital Health

The number of practices participating in the Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Incentive (PIP QI) increased 3.4 per cent from 355 to 367. This means 96 per cent of accredited practices are now participating in this program.

Fourteen general practices were supported to transition to secure messaging, bringing the total number of practices using secure messaging to 544. That means, 90% of general practices in the CESPHN region now use a secure messaging solution.

The percentage of general practices registered with My Health Record jumped to 489 in 2022 from 465 in 2021 – Pharmacy: increased to 427 in 2022 from 410 in 2021.

Registered interest in the HealthDirect Video Call service jumped from 97 to 175 primary care users and from 15 to 42 non primary care users during FY 2022.

The number of practices and pharmacies now offering e-prescribing is:


General Practices




Medical Specialists


Community Org (Headspace)

CESPHN’s Digital health strategic plan 2022-2025 seeks to support the delivery of digital health solutions that improve standards of care by health care providers to health consumers.

We have committed ourselves to four measurable strategic priorities of empowering the primary care workforce, using data to inform practice, enhancing collaboration with our partners and embedding digital health into all PHN activities.

There has been a significant increase in Digital Health eReferrals /HealthLink Smartforms: 430 GPs sent 58,176 e-referrals in FY 2022 compared to 326 GPs sending 30,909 in FY 2021.

eReferrals /HealthLink Smartforms technology allows health professionals to refer directly from their Best Practice, Medical Director and Genie software. Sydney LHD (SLHD) now have eReferrals to more than 60 hospital clinics in the region. Since inception, eReferrals have been increasing with usage among GPs increasing from 815 sent referrals in FY 2021 to 3,716 sent in FY 2022.

“COVID-19 has pushed me to develop my skills in digital health. Doctors that embrace technology will find it easier to run their practices because if you don’t learn it, you don’t keep up.”

Dr Kumaradeva (Redfern GP)