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Annual Report 2021/22

Improving Practice

Allied Health

Allied Health play an important role in delivering primary care but their contributions are not fully recognised.   In response we developed the CESPHN Allied Health Engagement Strategy that was launched in May.  The strategy focuses on five core principles.

Initiatives we have implemented include:

  1. Employing dedicated Allied Health Integration Officer (Digital Health) employed to:
    • Identify and gather information about Allied Health in the region and input/update data into Salesforce
    • Support Allied Health in registering to MHR providing guidance and assistance with the associated steps including Access and Use policies, PRODA, and connections to clinical information systems
    • Support enquiries on other digital health initiatives such as the use of telehealth and secure messaging
  1. Improved internal allied health data and identification of digital health usage amongst providers
  2. Conducted four target allied health CPD webinars on digital health topics and understanding the new Primary and Community Healthcare Standards
  3. Providing support in connecting to digital health technologies, education and training