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Annual Report 2021/22

Improving Care Integration


One of our core functions is to drive and deliver an agenda of reform to improve the integration of care. This will provide a better experience of care that is less fragmented and easier for consumers, carers and service providers to navigate.

COVID-19 Support

Vax at Home Program

The Vax at Home Program was developed to support those people who are housebound and could not go out of their home to access a COVID-19 vaccination.

The Practice Support team have managed this program from the beginning, liaising with stakeholders, LHDs, GPs and patients on a daily basis.

From the start of the program, 541 people have been vaccinated either with first dose, second dose, booster dose or all three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

We appreciate the support from providers such as local GPs and Nurse Immunisers who have been instrumental in supporting this program and the people in need of a vaccine in their home.

The program has supported people aged 16 years and over, with the most ‘experienced’ in life at 104 years of age.


Housebound individuals have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with at least one dose.

Supporting vaccinations for non-Medicare card holders in Canterbury

In August we supported 560 people who did not speak English and did not have a Medicare card to obtain their second Pfizer vaccination. After being contacted by local MP, Sophie Cotsis, alerting us to the issue we worked closely with the Belmore GP Respiratory Clinic and the Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS) to contact these individuals and provide interpreter support.

Vaccinations in aged care

In the latter part of 2021, it was identified there was a need to support aged care facilities with vaccinating their residents. Since December 2021, there have been 2689 vaccinations delivered to residents in aged care facilities in our region.

“We had tried everywhere to receive the vaccination and we are very grateful that we came across the Vax at Home team to assist us. We were so happy to be able to receive it in our own home.”

Couple from Rosebery

“We spent several weeks trying to find a way to get my 100-year-old, house-bound mother vaccinated, without success. Finally, we were put in touch with CESPHN and they found a solution. We are so grateful that mum is finally fully vaccinated. We are all less anxious now that she is protected as much as is currently possible. A big thank you from the whole family.”

Elderly Randwick couple