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Annual Report 2021/22

Improving Care Integration

Climate Change

In March 2022, the CESPHN Board endorsed the Climate Change and Population Health Position Statement and Implementation Plan. The statement is an aspirational call to arms which recognises the impact of climate change on population health; and commits to five key actions to reduce the impact of climate change:

  • Raise awareness about the health impacts of climate change and environmental degradation
  • Collaborate to identify practical strategies to respond to the health impacts of climate change and environmental degradation
  • Strengthen primary care providers’ capacity to implement environmentally sustainable practice
  • Adopt environmentally sustainable practices to reduce CESPHNs carbon footprint
  • Participate in strategies that support our local ecosystems

The actions are underpinned by thirteen high value activities, which will be achieved within the 2022-2024 strategic planning cycle.  In the year ahead our focus will be on implementation of a green guide for general practice and allied health and identifying opportunities to support local responses to disaster management.  

A working group with representation across CESPHN has been established to drive the delivery of the implementation plan.